A new collaborative album with Her Name Is Calla.

Regular readers might know of our relationship with Her Name Is Calla; they’ve supported us at live shows, we’ve supported them at live shows, and members of The Monroe Transfer have played on their mini-album The Heritage and their forthcoming long-player The Quiet Lamb. We’re even off playing a few gigs with them in a few weeks.  Given how well we all seem to get on, we’ve talked about recording a collaborative album for…well, it’s at least two years now.  But, this August, several of us are journeying up to York to spend 5 days hanging around with the Callas, whacking drums, strumming things and generally making whatever music comes into our little minds.  It’s not going to be a split album, or recording anything we’ve already written- it’s all going to be made-up and recorded as we go.

We’ve the goal of making an entire album from scratch in that time, so it’ll be quite an intense time; what we come up with will probably be pretty raw and unfiltered.  Although we’ve arranged things for their songs before, this is going to be the first time that we’ll be writing and recording things together, and we’re all hugely excited about the possibilities- there’ll probably be a fair amount of experimentation going on, for a start.  Having played with a mountain dulcimer a little while ago, Nick’s been messing around with something he calls a monotuned guitar; there’s bound to be a blog post about that sometime, for any gear dorks out there.

We’ll be posting photos, reports and rough bits of audio from the sessions on our Tumblr page; if you’ve missed out on that up to now, we’re treating our Tumblr as a stream of ephemeral or unusual stuff that we couldn’t find a more-organised place for.  If you’ve not looked there yet, have a rummage around: you can hear some remixes we’ve done, a sneak preview of something we wrote for The Quiet Lamb, read The Big Issue’s article on us, and see a video of us playing live on Resonance FM.

We’re journeying up on 11th, and hopefully we’ll have exciting things to tell you very soon…


Any comments?