An Enclave : collaborative EP with Her Name Is Calla, released 8th April

An Enclave
The Monroe Transfer & Her Name Is Calla

EP released 8th April 2013

Told you there’d be lots of new stuff to announce soon.

So, long-term sufferers will remember that, about a thousand years ago, we started work on some collaborative recording with our good friends Her Name Is Calla. We’re very happy to report that a 5 track EP will finally be available on 8th April as a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth download from our Bandcamp pages.

Recording was a bit of a leap into the dark for all of us, as we gave ourselves only a short amount of time to write and record the material, and we had no idea what we’d come up with. The results don’t really sound like anything that either band would have written on their own, but have little bits of everyone’s involvement scattered throughout. In fact, come to think of it, I think I wrote about the recording process somewhere. Yep, here it is.

We’re not going to break down who wrote what, or whose idea each bit was: we said from the start that it would be presented by the bands as a whole, and that was that. Do feel free to speculate, though.

There will, doubtless, be something to hear on Bandcamp or Soundcloud very soon, and we very much hope you enjoy it. You could think of the EP as a little aperitif before the drunken lunch of our new album.

More news of more projects coming very soon…

Any comments?