And we’re back…

Happy 2013. And, come to think of it, 2012 as well. It’s really been a long time since we’ve posted anything, eh…?

There will, doubtless, be a lot to tell you in the coming months, but for the moment we’d better satisfy ourselves with telling you that work has started on our new album. We’ve been out at the legendary Cowshed Studio once again, recording drums, bass and guide guitar with Joe Leach; now comes the lengthy process of recording everything else at Nick’s house, and quite possibly various other places.

A lot of the new stuff is completely scored out, but some of it’s going to come together in the studio. We’re anticipating a wide variety of instrumentation, and a lot of music that’s quite different in tone, and the whole process has us all very excited.  It’s really good to recording again.

We’ve learnt not to go announcing things ahead of time, but we’re hoping to have our side of things finished before the end of the year.  And look!  Here are some photos of Susie & Ed having fun in the studio…

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