Happy New Year

Hello once again, and happy 2011 one and all.

As you might have spotted from the lack of links on the side bar,  we’ve left MySpace.  We’re getting older and more tired of that sort of thing, and Rupert Murdoch’s vertically integrated media company doesn’t need our help to further its appalling grip on the universe.  Besides, the site’s awful.  Don’t worry, there’ll be no loss, as all our content will continue to be posted on our own site or Bandcamp.

We’re not going to be playing any gigs for a few months now, as we’re going away to the woodshed to work on entirely new material; we’ve been playing songs from Trials for a while now, and we’ve a whole backlog of material to rehearse.  At the moment, our plan is that we’ll be recording this new material later on this year, and possibly even releasing it.  We are, as ever, subject to the whims of fate and record labels, but we’ll keep you posted on it all.
In the meantime, Nick’s been thinking about playing some improvised, ambient gigs this year, and has recorded this as a sample of what they might sound like; your comments would be greatly appreciated, particularly whether you’d be at all interested in seeing this sort of thing at a live gig…

Finally, we were very touched to be included in The Silent Ballet’s ‘Top 50 Tracks’ of 2010, and in Headphone Commute’s ‘Top 10 Albums of 2010’; it’s hard to express how touching it is that the few who track us down seem to enjoy what we do, and we hope to count you, dear reader, among those few.  Your support is enormously appreciated, as always; we’ll be in touch with news of new music, new gigs and new recording soon…

Any comments?